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Harrison Mayotte
  • High School Education

    Nashoba Valley Technical High School



    2019 (9th Grade) - College Prep English 9 Honors (15 Credits)

    "College Prep English 9 is designed to present language, world literature, and composition to ninth graders and meet college preparatory requirements. A foundation in the skills of writing, research, and oral presentations will be developed, utilizing resources in the library media center and emphasizing grammar, spelling, and vocabulary. The literature component is novel-based and designed to increase reading and comprehension skills using a range of developmentally appropriate literary and informational texts such as poetry, essays, plays and short stories.

    Designed to foster independent learning, self-advocacy, and collaboration, English 9 Honors provides students with a rigorous learning environment where diverse texts and instructional strategies support all learners in developing advanced reading, writing, and language skills." - NVTHS Website

    2020 (10th Grade) - College Prep English 10 Honors (15 Credits)

    "The College Prep English 10 course is designed to present world literature, language, composition, and communication skills to tenth graders and meet college preparatory requirements. The goal of the novel-based curriculum is to increase a student’s capacity to read for meaning and understanding. Students will receive instruction in Standard English conventions as outlined in the Massachusetts Curriculum Frameworks and will be required to complete research papers. Emphasis will be placed on preparation for the English Language Arts MCAS test administered in the spring of the sophomore year.

    Texts take center stage in the English 10 Honors classroom, inspiring and preparing all students for close, critical reading and analytical writing. As writers, students will focus first on crafting complex sentences, building this foundational skill; they will then move on to producing well-organized paragraphs and, as the year progresses, more sophisticated, longer-form analyses. This course will prepare students for the Advanced Placement classes offered in grades 11 and 12." - NVTHS Website


    2019 (9th Grade) - Algebra 1 Honors (15 Credits)

    "Algebra I Honors is designed for students who have been introduced to beginning of Algebra I concepts. They will deepen their understanding of these concepts and proceed to develop skills needed to be successful in real life, work and careers, future math courses, and state and national testing. Topics include the study of evaluating rational algebraic equations; in-depth study of functions; translating word problems into equations; solving systems of equations; operations with and factoring of polynomials; laws of exponents; solving quadratic equations; sequences; introduction to exponential functions; and constructing and comparing linear, quadratic, and exponential models to solve problems." - NVTHS Website

    2020 (10th Grade) - Plane Geometry Honors (15 Credits)

    "This course emphasizes an abstract, formal approach to the study of geometry, including topics such as, properties of plane and solid figures; deductive methods of reasoning and use of logic; geometry as an axiomatic system, including the study of postulates and theorems; rules of congruence, similarity, parallelism and perpendicularity; rules of angle measurement in triangles; area, surface area, and volume; coordinate geometry and transformational geometry. Students will experience concepts through real world applications." - NVTHS Website

    Social Studies

    2019 (9th Grade) - United States History I (5 Credits)

    "Students examine the historical and intellectual origins of the United States during the Revolutionary and Constitutional eras. They learn about the important political and economic factors that contributed to the outbreak of the Revolution as well as the consequences of the Revolution, including the writing and key ideas of the U.S. Constitution. Students also study the basic framework of American democracy and the concepts of American government such as popular sovereignty, federalism, separation of powers, and individual rights. Students study America’s westward expansion, the establishment of political parties, and economic and social change. Students will learn about the growth of sectional conflict, how sectional conflict led to the Civil War, and the consequences of the Civil War, including Reconstruction. Finally, students will analyze the causes and consequences of the Industrial Revolution and America’s growing role in diplomatic relations. Students will study the goals and accomplishments of the Progressive movement." - NVTHS Website

    2020 (10th Grade) - United States History II (5 Credits)

    "Students will learn about the various factors that led to America’s entry into World War II as well as the consequences of World War II on American life. Students will also study the causes and course of the Cold War, important economic and political changes during the Cold War, including the Civil Rights movement, and recent events and trends that have shaped modern-day America, such as 9/11 and the Iraq War." - NVTHS Website


    2019 (9th Grade) - Biology Honors (10 Credits)

    "This is an accelerated, one year Biology course. The science concepts taught are aligned with the DESE Frameworks for High School Biology in order to prepare students for the Biology MCAS exam which students will take in grade 9. This course is designed explore the concepts of the chemistry of life, cell structures and functions, anatomy and physiology along with the scientific inquiry skills to develop appropriate analysis of data and lab safety requirements. Topics will include plant and animal physiology and taxonomy, photosynthesis and cellular respiration, DNA, RNA, and protein synthesis, genetics, principles of evolution, ecology and the environment. Health related themes are integrated into the discussion of the body systems. Lab activities and hands-on projects are used to reinforce concepts in each unit. Students will take the MCAS exam at the end of this course." - NVTHS Website

    2020 (10th Grade) - Physics Honors (10 Credits)

    "These lab-based courses include the topics of mechanics, motion, matter, heat, light, electricity and magnetism. Students will receive instruction through class demonstrations, lab projects, lab reports, experiments, and lecture. A mathematics background in Algebra I is recommended. Lab activities and projects will be integrated into the curriculum to reinforce the concepts taught. Electrical, Physics, Engineering, and Robotics students will take Physics in grade 10 and take the corresponding Physics MCAS exam at the end of the course.

    The Physics Honors course is designed as a comprehensive physics course with a greater emphasis on mathematical problem solving. The course is intended for students with a strong background in math while also giving students more autonomy during labs to figure out the solution with less instruction. Labs and complex problem solving are the foundation of this course." - NVTHS Website


    2019-2023 (ALL YEARS) - Physical Education (1 Credit)

    "Physical Education is required for four years. Physical Education provides students with the knowledge, skills and attitude to acquire physical fitness, physical skills and leisure skills necessary to maintain healthful lifestyles. This program consists of required activities to meet the present and future physical and recreational needs of students. Included is the study of intermediate and advanced movement skills related to physical fitness and sport and leisure skills.

    The integration of movement patterns in sports, rhythmic and lifelong fitness activities will be taught. Included in this course is the practice of relating exercise to overall health, applying social and safety skills and integrating strategies to respond to stress with intent to enhance student health and wellness.

    Life-long learning is a major theme in our Physical Education program. Many of our selected activities are geared toward working together to achieve a common goal. Through team sports, individual sports and various fitness techniques, students will learn the life-management skills necessary for future personal wellness." - NVTHS Website

    2019 (9th Grade) - Music Appreciation (5 Credits)

    "This course is designed to give students a holistic look at music across cultures and decades. Students will study histories of music from the Americas, Europe, Africa and Asia. Students will understand how culture and music connect to each other and our culture. The concepts of the physics of sound will be introduced. Students will also learn about music’s effects on the body. Students will participate in individual and group activities to further their understanding of music." - NVTHS Website

    2020 (10th Grade) - Psychology and Sociology of Music (5 Credits)

    "This course is designed to offer students an understanding of music and psychology. Students will comprehend how the brain works and study a brief history of psychology including major figures in the field such as B.F. Skinner, Sigmund Freud, and B.A. Watson. The sociology of music including cultural, geographical and socioeconomic differences will be analyzed with interactive projects. The ideas of how music changes the way that individuals think and react to music will be a focus of the curriculum.- NVTHS Website

    Technical Programming - Programming and Web Development (PWD)

    "Students in the Programming and Web Development Program are training to become Software Engineers, Full Stack Web Developers, and Cybersecurity specialists, among other careers. The program is designed to enable students to succeed in a highly technical, global environment. Students create and understand the technical details and implementation of software, app development, and defending against cyber threats. Creating programs through game development, android apps, building interactive web pages, and competing in cybersecurity competitions are just some examples of the myriad of projects that students complete in this program.

    During the four years in Programming and Web students get a broad, yet focused, overview of many tools, languages, and career paths into the world of Computer Science. Freshman are enrolled in a Computer Science Principals course, which has an AP option, and explore simple html and css, basics of data, how to internet works, an exploratory of A+, Network+, and an intro to coding through python and classic arcade games.

    Sophomores and Juniors will take 6 courses over these two years, one each trimester. 10th graders will study defensive Cybersecurity through Project Lead the Way, as well as participate in the Cyberpatriot competition. They will get an in depth experience with front end web development, including bootstrap and JQuery. They will finish up Sophomore year with a survey course using camelCase languages through different mediums: C# in Unity, C++ in Unreal Engine, Objective-C through arduinos and automation, and Swift with iOS development.

    Juniors continue the focus on camelCase languages and will prepare for the AP Computer Science A exam. This is a java focused exam, and they will go in depth with object oriented java their first trimester. Next they continue to explore java through native android development and an agile software development process course. Finally, we will revisit web development and take a look at full stack development. Seniors have an elective their first trimester and the remainder of the school year is theirs to really focus on a topic that interests them and allows them to create an iconic project to take with them after NVTHS. Students also have the opportunity to focus on IT Certifications during their senior year. Juniors and Seniors will have the opportunity to participate in our community shop services that include web site development, app development, and tier-a tech support.

    Graduates of this program are prepared for 2-year and 4-year college programs in computer science or similar fields. They have a solid foundation for immediate employment in software engineering, web development, and tier-1 tech support. Opportunities are boundless when students graduate from Programming and Web at Nashoba Tech." - NVTHS Website

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